The Layout of the Meadow



A path down the middle is dividing the territory into two halves, and further paths are leading around the bordering outer edges. A grid of crosswise paths is dividing the Rosenhang into individual fields, and each field houses three rows of rose shrubs. This arrangement does not look as straight and strict as it may sound because the shrubs with their different potential of growth make it appear natural and casual.



Down the dividing path in the middle stone slabs with Roman numerals are indicating the sequence of the fields allowing you to ascertain where you are. Starting from the top, each row is numbered. Even numbers are to the left and uneven numbers to the right as seen from the center path. Each rose is bearing not only the number of the row but also a capital letter counting from the outer edges of the lot and ending at the middle path. These alpha-numeric coordinates are quoted in the rose list. ‘Mme Hardy’ for instance bears the number 15C. As seen from the top of the meadow you will be able to find it on the right hand side, the third shrub as counted from the outer edge.

Metal  name plates inform you of the name of the rose, its family, its breeder, and its year of introduction.


aerial view from 21.07.1989

aerial view from 18.08.2012


both aerial views © Hessisches Landesamt für Bodenmanagement und Geoinformation